Release Notes - FuelsManager Aviation Version 7.1 Service Pack 3

Release Date - 08.12


The enhancements delivered in this release include the following:

  • De-Icing dispatch
  • GSE fueling
  • Volumetric Top-Off (VTO)



  • Enhancement to Accounting that accepts the de-icing transaction and places the Blended Gross and Net volume totals into Accounting UserData fields when the de-icing transaction is configured as an Issue. Pure Product Gross and Net totals are calculated by multiplying the Blended Gross and Net volumes by the blend percentage
  • Enhancement to Accounting that accepts the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) transactions. The GSE transaction updates the Accounting Aircraft Type with the Consuming Equipment ID. Automatic logout period for fuelers is configurable by administrator.


  • Enhancement to add new functionality that allows dispatch of de-icing transactions. The de-icing transaction is completed by the fueler with the blend percentage of the product used. De-icing transactions saves the previous blend percentage, if there is no previous percentage, the default blend percentage is 50%. De-icing transactions are completed in Accounting
  • Enhancement to add new functionality that allows dispatch of GSE transactions. The GSE transactions use barcodes to identify the GSE and enter the GSE into the handheld computer. Supervisors are allowed to assign unique barcodes for each Consuming Equipment ID. Volume is calculated to the precision configured by the administrator.


  • De-Icing dispatch feature for the IntoPlane® client.
  • GSE fueling feature for the IntoPlane® client.
  • Volumetric Top-Off (VTO) for the IntoPlane® client.

Issues Addressed


  • Resolved the issue when the actively displayed product is changed, the decimal precision of the displayed gross and net values is correctly set to match the configured precision of the product.
  • Resolved the issue shen the precision of a  product is changed, the next screen refresh displays the gross and net values to the newly configured precision.


  • GroundServiceEq to GSE
  • Equipment Type to GSECategory

FMAEInterface Client

  • Enhancement where additional user data fields are copied to the enterprise server.
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