Release Notes - FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 7.0 Service Pack 1

Release Date - 04.06


This service pack resolved the following issues across the system.

Issues Addressed

  • Corrected Application Extensions to correct the error in Operate that would prevent custom application dll's from being loaded.
  • Modified the 8130 RTU Driver, as follows:
    • Resolved the issue to track number of temperature elements configured since the 6000 Series Servo Gauge sends random data for any temperature element that is not configured.
    • Corrected several issues with 8130 Profiling feature, including correctly converting of convert engineering units and initialization of values from FuelsManager real time database so the database is populated properly.
    • Resolved the issue that caused a 6000 Series Servo Gauge to be treated as an Enraf 854 gauge.
    • Resolved the issue with memory overwrites problems when a computer name was 15 characters in length.
    • Resolved the handle leak that (over time) would cause the 8130 driver specific operate menus to fail to load.
    • Resolved the issue that would cause a blank message box to be displayed when initializing driver.
    • Resolved the issue that would cause an infinite loop in operate when Communications Manager was shutdown or Communications with the server were lost.
  • Modified the Entis Host Driver, as follows:
    • Resolved the issue to add odd and even LRC calculation and selection.
    • Resolved the issue to add the ability to designate units on the transmitted data.
  • Modified the Enraf CIU Driver, as follows:
    • Enhanced to automatically return to following level after doing a find water level.
    • Enhanced a stop command.
    • Enhanced the follow water level command.
    • Resolved the issue with the scanning of points not connected to a database point.
  • Modified the Database Management and Calculation System, as follows:
    • Enhanced database point refresh when placing a tank back in service.
    • Enhanced shutdown of threads from infinite to 45 seconds and added an event noting the thread that did not shutdown within the 45 second time frame.
    • Enhanced code to update OPC connections when variable is taken out of a overridden state.
    • Resolved an issue with a shutdown problem in the OPC client.
    • Enhanced the ability to designate an else statement in translations.
    • Resolved an error when exporting source assignments with a computer name of 15 characters.
    • Resolved solids and water volume calculations on the tank calculator.
  • Modified the Historical Archive System, as follows:
    • Resolved the issue in passing the correct the size of the strings in the "SQLBindCol()" function.
    • Resloved the issue of setting of status variable for table columns. This was incomplete if the column header already existed.
    • Resolved the issue that would prevent a new product from being added to the archive.
  • Modified the following issues in the Leak Detection System:
    • Resolved the issue of using the actual maximum tank volume to when calculating the leak rate.
    • Resolved the issue of handle regional settings and commas digit separators in tank volumes data.
    • Resolved the issue of create minimum percent fill for tanks on startup.
    • Resolved the issue of discarding samples that do not meet an associated minimum fill percentage.
    • Enhanced Reports to add new report, LeakTestReportMinPercent.
  • Resolved an issue in Communications Manager to added retry mechanism when starting active communications drivers to account for network serial adaptors that startup slowly.
  • Modified the Movement System:
    • Resolved the issue import and export of movement data.
    • Resolved the issue to allow set points in percent to have decimal points and be based on regional settings.
    • Resolved the issue to correct the operation of movement type blends when using percent setpoints.
    • Revised the node name database column size from 20 to 50 to handle long node names.
    • Resolved the issue where an error in print preview of historical movement reports that would result in the wrong movement being displayed or no movement data at all being displayed.
    • Revised an abort when printing movement tickets.
    • Resolved the issue where errors in individual node implementation that would result in tank transfer status not being set properly.
    • Enhanced user defined menu strings to the movement popup menu.
  • Resolved the following issues for the Operator Interface:
    • Replaced alphablend function with StretchBlt to improve display of bitmaps.
    • Resolved the issue with how the graphic file names are handled to correct an abort when opening a file names with a space in them.
    • Resolved the issue with graphic routines that handle bitmaps to reducing CPU usage.
    • Resolved the issue with counter mismatch that could cause the alarm lens to continue to flash even though there are no unacknowledged alarms.
    • Removed the ability to resize alarm line.
    • Removed the ability to hide alarm line.
    • Reduced alarm line size to maximize graphical display area.
    • Added registry entry that allows the user to display the current time and logged on user on the alarm line.
    • Resolved an issue in the TankGroup functionality that would cause an abort when upgrading tank group displays from version 4.3.
    • Resolved an issue that would prevent the tank description from updating on graphical tank groups as tanks are scrolled into view.
    • Resolved an issue where a memory over write problem dealing with the 2003 .NET compiler when creating a new tank group.
  • In Reports, resolved the issue in sorting when sort by product and sort by system were both selected.
  • Resolved the following issues in Security:
    • Resolved the issue with the Sentinel hardware key routines to handle the error being returned from the new sentinel driver when a key is not present.
    • Resolved the issue to account for a possible error where the program revision was being checked even though a key failed the read operation.
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