Release Notes - FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 7.1

Release Date - 04.07


This release addresses issues across the system and provided enhancments to the movement system.



  • In Modbus Master, added the capability to use Modbus function code 5.
  • Enhanced ‘Bottom Pressure P1’ to list of available OPC variables for client access.
  • Enhanced support for ‘else’ condition in translation tables.
  • Enhanced the ability to create template graphics for repeated use of screens with information for similar field devices.
  • Enhanced the ability to create a fixed size graphic.
  • Enhanced the ability to configure any graphic to be floating in its own window.
  • Enhanced the function to make any graphic linked or unlinked to a host graphic.
  • Enhanced the ability to use visibility conditions on bitmaps.
  • Enhanced the feature to automatically add all variables needed for leak detection to archive.
  • Enhanced the interface with Barton TCU tank gauges to account for potential of gauge not resting on bottom of tank.
  • Enhanced the leak test pass/fail to be based on the threshold rate.
  • Enhanced the Operator Interface to add a new feature for density profiling.
  • In Security, Enhanced the Tag Group security item to allow operators to issue an output point command.
  • Added a new feature which allows for density profiling.
  • Enhanced Communications Manager, as follows:
    • Enhanced the polynomial y = (a * x - int(b * x)) * c + d to CommManager device drivers.

Movement System

  • Enhanced the movement summary performance. Enhanced ‘Planned Start Time field to the movement summary.
  • Enhanced ability to copy movements.
  • Enhancement to create new ‘Pending movement status.
  • Enhanced function to allow user to manually modify movement start/stop data.
  • Enhanced function to allow user to retrieve start/stop data from the historical archive.
  • Enhanced function to automatically start/stop a movement based on a specified input point.
  • Enhanced the summary and history to allow for in-place editing of ‘Order Number’, ‘Comment’, and all user defined fields.
  • Enhanced the ‘comment’ field size to 200 characters.
  • Resolved the issue where the Movement system now writes a movement start record to the log file.
  • Enhanced movement summary and history to display movements with alternating colored backgrounds and eliminated the blank line between movements.
  • Enhanced the ability to collapse a movement to a single line or expand the movement to display all lines using the common ‘+’ and ‘-’ tree icons.
  • Enhanced the ability to collapse all and expand all movements in the summary or history.
  • Enhanced the two new security rights to the security system for the new movement features.

Communications Manager

  • Enhanced the polynomial y = (a * x - int(b * x)) * c + d to CommManager device drivers.

Issues Addressed


  • Resolved the issue in use of water tables.
  • Resolved the issue that required running FMSysConfig twice to update TankGroups.
  • Resolved the following issues in Database Management and Calculation System:
  • Resolved the issue in the source assignment import feature to include OPC connection verification during import.
  • Resolved the issue in the  source assignment export feature allowing user to specify types of source assignments desired for export.
  • Resolved the following issues in Graphics Configuration:
  • Resolved the issue when using Product Code and Product Description in graphic condition definitions.
  • Resolved the following issues in the Historical Archive System:
  • Modified the default minimum interval update time to 5 minutes.
  • Removed option for backing up SQL database from our application.
  • In Graphics Configuration, resolved an issue where a Graphic "Bar" on template graphics would not scale for all points assigned.
  • In Reports, resolved the issues surrounding errors in ‘Last Full Week’ and ‘Last Full Month’ historical tank change reports.

Movement System

  • Resolved the issue where the Movement History did not display start time correctly.
  • Resolved the issue where movements w/meter nodes are written to log wrong when stopped with historical data.
  • Resolved the issue that occurred when filtering by movement names, a scroll bar is now present for long movement names.
  • Resolved the issue and modified the movement summary to indicate tank variable alarm status.
  • Resolved the issue to allow simultaneous active movements with the same source or destination.
  • Resolved the issue to remove restrictions for using special characters for user entered data.

Operator Interface

  • Resolved the issue when opening operate to a remembered tank detail when accessing a two-level database.
  • Resolved the issue with custom historical and real-time trends that prevented operator from specifying a date/time range.
  • Removed ability for operator to select method for alarm bar notification. Alarm bar now always displays the newest unacknowledged alarm.
  • Resolved the issue to remove icons for alarm navigation on the alarm bar.
  • Resolved the issue to remove the icon for alarm summary on the alarm bar and relocated link for alarm summary to the alarm lens.

Database Management

  • Enhanced support for API 2004 Calculations.
  • Resolved the issue where the Tank Calculator did not properly update Water Volume.
  • Resolved the issue where a user was unable to import source assignments with "Degrees Centigrade" as units.

Communications Manager

  • Resolved the issue with translating bit field input from a communication interface point directly into an input point.
  • Added the capability to use Modbus function code 5.
  • In the 8130 RTU Driver, updated driver to include support for new (RTU3_30+) firmware point naming convention.
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