Release Notes - FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 7.5 Service Pack 1, Software Update 5

Release Date - 07.12


This service pack applies to FuelsManager Oil & Gas Terminal Automation Edition features. This update applies to non-CITGO Petroleum Corporation sites only.

Issues Addressed

  • SmithMeter card read errors - The errors when reading a card from SmithMeter have been corrected.
  • Non-Posted BOLs Inhibiting Closeout - Closeout without posting BOLs to external accounting systems is allowed.
  • BOL Reverse Error - No longer get Internet Explorer errors when reverse updating a BOL.
  • Improper Additization Error - If the Accuload is improperly configured and causes the additive preset amount to be zero (0) while an additive profile with a rate and amount exists in FuelsManager, FuelsManager will flag the load with an Improper Additization error.
  • Weigh Out Report - Added the ability to configure a weigh out report to document the truck weight when leaving the weight scale.
  • Inappropriate Gallon to Liter Conversion - The issue with Accuload Preset volumes reported in Liters undergoing a Gallon to Liter conversion is corrected.
  • Fuel Card Select - The Fuel Card select form is corrected to open the correct detail page.
  • Driver Unable to Card into Accuload without a PIN - The issue with a driver being unable to card into the Accuload without a PIN has been corrected. Note when running in a split bay configuration, it is necessary to correctly assign the arms to bays in the Accuload configuration; failure to do so results in the clearing of the card number inside the Accuload which results in Authorize to Preset errors.
  • Bay Identifier Added to Accuload Screen - When running a split bay configuration with a single screen Accuload, the arm identifier message has been added to identify which arm is active when the driver is carding in.
  • Revision to Accuload OPC Server - Added the ability for the Accuload to make the Arm Number editable and can be used for either bay A or bay B.
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