Release Notes - FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 7.5 Service Pack 2, Software Update 1 & 2

Release Date - 03.14


This service pack applies to FuelsManager Oil & gas Terminal Automation Edition features.

Issues Addressed

  • Corrected the issue with the State Select dialog for BOL footnotes.
  • Addressed issues surrounding changing the product in a tank giving erroneous end-of-day transactions.
  • Corrected an issue where one particular product was failing to closeout.
  • Prohibited an already open BOL to be saved if it is posted by a background process.
  • A change was introduced that a BOL status will not be set automatically to Completed if any line items on the BOL are not completed. Users can manually set the transaction to completed.
  • A change was introduced that a Broken Blend BOL cannot be combined with another BOL because the user is unable to closeout  the orginal BOL.
  • Changed the criteria for determining when completed BOLs are ready to be sent to PIDX, specifically using the TimeEnd which represents the time fuel loading is completed instead of TimeOut.
  • The Closeout All function now checks for unsendable receipts as well as unposted BOLs prior to allowing closeout to continue.
  • Added the capability for logging communications in the Accuload OPC Server.
  • Corrected an issue where the sub-line item quantities for a blended product would not divide properly on the transaction detail, which caused a discrepancy.
  • Provide improved feedback to indicate the completion of the Closeout All  function.
  • Improved save transaction performance by removing unnecessary queries.
  • Improved performance retrieving transaction details by removing unnecessary queries.
  • Fix incorrect tracking of total variance on the Closeout Summary screen.
  • Fixed incorrect number of batches in a multi-batch BOL and incorrect metering amount.
  • Updated the criteria for sending BOLs to PIDX to match those for sending to other 3rd party system, such as SAP.
  • Corrects an error where TCP/IP communications with Accuload.Net devices would not function.
  • Improve error reporting for various fault conditions.
  • Fix quantity rounding to correct a discrepancy between line item and sub-line item totals on manual BOLs.
  • Allow loading of products for which no PIDX authorization is available when PIDX Denial Override is configured.
  • Prevent transactions from being entered on a day which has been closed out.
  • Sets the site configurable variable, Card Timeout, as “do not time driver out” when set to zero.
  • Improve performance when editing a product.
  • Addresses the unbounded growth of the database transaction log fle.
  • Implements multiple product support for the Varec DET-based offload station.
  • The transaction deadlock issue which caused a missing batch on a BOL was resolved.
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