Release Notes - FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 7.5 Service Pack 3

Release Date - 06.13


This service pack applies to FuelsManager's inventory management feature set and includes the following items:

  • Alternate Alarm Line
  • Improved Archive Manager
  • Enhanced Security administration
  • Enhanced graphics and placement in the graphic view
  • New functions for translators
  • MODD communication driver support


  • Enhance the system to support alarm lines that the user can select.
  • Change Fail symbol for loss of connection to an OPC server to OPC Fail.
  • Change FMSystemManager to authenticate against local FMSecurity if the primary resource server is not available.
  • Modify Operate to support up to 4 multiple monitors.
  • In the Security application, add the ability to sort Groups, User, and Categories in alphabetical order.
  • In Archive Manager, modify to write data on change of state.
  • Add capability to use bit masking operations for translations.
  • Modify security settings to limit personnel from running FM applications based on security setting by System name.
  • Add ability to set Tank Command from graphical tank group display.
  • Modify the flow indicator lights in Tank Group so they can be more easily seen and appear to relate to the tank command icon.
  • Add IO Fail filtering to FM Modbus device drivers.
  • Updated Volume Correction Tables.
    • ASTM 4311 2009:
    • Asphalt -> ASTM D4311 C 2009
    • Asphalt -> ASTM D4311 F 2009
    • ASTM D1555 2009:
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> Benzene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> Toluene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> Styrene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> Cyclo-Hexane
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> o-Xylene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> Mixed-Xylene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> p-Xylene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> Ethyl-Benzene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> Cumene
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> 300F/148.9C Aromatic
    • ASTM D1555 F 2009 -> 350F/176.7C Aromatic
  • OPC Server Source Select window modified to allow manual entry of a computer name. The Browse option is still available.

Issues Addressed

  • Resolved the issue where quiet time setting was executing in seconds instead of minutes. Quiet time settings now execute in minutes.
  • Resolved the issue where the VCF was changed to 1.0000 after a manually entered start level was entered. The VCF now retains the original setting when a start level is entered manually.
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