Release Notes - FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 7.5 Service Pack 5

Release Date - 02.16


This service pack applies to FuelsManager's inventory management feature set and includes the following items:

  • BSW Calculations that meet API 2012 Standards (Ch. 12.1.1)
  • Roof Correction that meets API 2012 Standards (Ch. 12.1.1)
  • Density correction factor to match API Table 8
  • Movement System enhancements
  • Regional numeric settings override
  • Alarm Logs saved in SQL table

  • Enhancements

    • Allow the user to designate which Volume calculations (API 1995 or API 2012) on a tank by tank basis they want to use.
    • If API 2012 is selected, changes the Roof Mass calculation to be based on Product Density in air instead of in a vacuum.
    • If API 2012 is selected, allow the user to set new process variables (Manual, Comm Manager Connection, OPC Connection, Unassigned, or Calculated) for the following:
      • Gross Std Volume
      • Total Calc Volume
      • Density Prod in Air
      • Weight Gross Std
      • Weight Net Std
    • If API 2012 is selected, allow the user to designate an alarm (None, Disabled, or Enabled) for Gross Standard Volume, Gross Standard Weight, and Net Standard Weight process variables. When enabled, the user can designate a high-high, high, low, low-low, or hold off alarm.
    • Allow the user to designate how mass is to be calculated for a specific tank.
    • Single Window Operation has been changed to only open one window type per monitor. If the specific window is open on a monitor it will be brought to the front and given the focus.
    • Alarm Logs can now be saved in an SQL table.
    • BSW Calculations and Roof Correction modified to meet API 2012 (Ch. 12.1.1) requirements.
    • Added factor to Density calculation to make results match API Table 8 (section 12.3 of API 2012 Ch. 12.1.1).
    • Modified the Movement displays to allow the user to designate the width and precision of a column for numeric variables, as well as designate units to display for columns that units apply.
    • Override Regional Numeric Settings within the Movement system to use the current logged on user’s regional settings for numbers.
    • Allow variables to be displayed in different engineering units on the Movement Summary and Movement History displays.
    • Allow data for start and close out to be edited in different units based on the selected column units.

    Issues Addressed

    • Movement System issues found during testing.

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